Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Kids during school days learn new things and become enthusiastic about different experiences.

They spend most of their time in school, forming bonds with their classmates and favourite teachers.

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media showing a group of students hiding behind the door of the staff room and looking for their favourite teacher.

They are surprised to find their favourite teacher sitting alone quietly there, which has warmed the hearts of many online viewers.

When the teacher notices the students peeking at her from behind the door, she asks, "What are you looking at?" The children then enter the teacher's common room and the teacher humorously asks them, "First tell me, why do you hide behind the door and peek?" 

To this, one boy chuckles and replies, "You!" leaving everyone laughing. Then again the teacher jokingly asks, "Why... why were you looking for me?" 

Another boy confidently replies, "Just like that." Hearing this, the teacher laughs hard and another boy says loudly, "We like you." The teacher then asks, "Who do you like?" The boy replies, "You!" This leaves the teacher smiling who then says, "Oh, I see."

The interaction in the video captured the hearts of social media users. The caption shared with the video read, "We need this much confidence in life." The video has garnered 5.3 million views, 292K likes, and numerous comments.

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One user humorously commented, "Men will be men... in all generations 😂😂", while another jokingly said, "Maybe she was an English teacher 🌚". Another user fondly recalled, "Our first crush is always our teacher ❤️😍", and someone else teased, "These three are best friends 😂😂😂😂".

One user reminisced, "Every kid had a crush on their teacher during childhood."

Another person admitted, "Why am I blushing 😀", and one user shared, "Even us girls used to sneak glances at our English teacher 😁😁".

WATCH the video below:

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