Soumya Prakash Pradhan

In college life, students eagerly await the farewell ceremony as it is the time when students engage in various activities like dancing, singing, and more. 

Recently, a video went viral on social media featuring two girls in saree dancing enthusiastically at their farewell.

Named Shravanii and Swathii, both adorned in blue sarees, earrings, and bangles, captivated the audience with their lively performance to the song 'Kurchi Madathapetti' from the movie 'Guntur Kaaram'. 

Their energetic dance moves garnered cheers, whistles, and applause from the audience, making the farewell program truly spectacular.

The video has since gained 1.3 million views, 129K likes, and numerous comments.

Another video featuring the same girls dancing to the song “Veyira Cheyyi Veyira” from the movie ‘Panjaa’ also became widely viewed, accumulating 3.8 million views.

Additionally, Shravanii’s solo performance to the song “Desi Girl” from the movie ‘Dostana’ received significant attention and praise.

Comments on these videos included enthusiastic remarks such as “Stage on fire”, “the choreography, the moves, the songs, everything is lit 🔥”, “The OG Duo setting the stage on fire 🔥”, “Woahhhh 🔥”, “Left side girl is my girl ❤️👏”, and “Both are so nice ❤️👏”."

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