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Bears are large powerful mammals with high strength. These beasts can be aggressive and a potential threat to humans under certain circumstances. Often bears act aggressively when they perceive a threat. Well, though human-bear encounters are rare, they usually enter human settlements in search of food. What would be the consequences if you encounter a bear or bears while camping or during a picnic in or close to bears' habitat?

Well, here we bring some videos that show the uninvited beasts joining humans while picnicking. The consequences are different in the videos but it proves that these beasts can be quite gentle and not a threat all the time.

The first video shows a woman and her son sitting on the bench while a black bear gorges on the food on the table. Without being worried about the humans' presence, the beast enjoys the food. Meanwhile l, the woman sits still while covering her son's face. After clearing off the food from the table, the bear walks forward towards another woman, who also sits still without any movement and without bothering the beast. The bear steps down from the table and walks into the wild. The video has been viewed by over 17.9 million users and garnered over 58K likes.

The second video shows a group of people with a huge bear. While everyone can be seen sitting without any worries, one of them didn't miss the chance to click selfies with the bear sitting close to it. Surprisingly, a youth brings some brown bread and a jar of peanut butter to the bear. As he starts applying the butter to the bread, he instructs the bear to have patience. He also hand-feeds the bear without any fear. Well, this is something unbelievably daring. Even more people join the party. The video has been viewed by over 16 million users and liked by 165K people.

In the third video, a man can be seen escorting a huge bear out of their premises. As the man opens the gate and shows it the way out, the bear slaps the man on his back which leaves others terrified. However, the man without fear tells the bear that 'he is not invited' and asks it to leave immediately. Well, after waiting for a moment, the 'sad' bear walks out of the premises and the man shuts down the gate. The video has been viewed 11 million times and liked by over 66K users. 

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, all the videos have been shared on X by Nature is Amazing. While the situations in all three videos are different, they show that bears aren't cruel and aggressive all the time. These beasts can be gentle and harmless to humans unless provoked. Though netizens have expressed their shock over the human-bear encounters, many have opined that these beasts are gentle and harmless, though it is required to adhere to the precautions.

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