Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Fun-loving and lively people don’t miss a single opportunity to turn the moment exciting and reap enjoyment without a miss. Such lively persons also entertain and amuse others present on the spot. But, how would a woman react after watching her husband shaking a leg while female singers perform on the stage?

Here we bring you a video of such an incident that will leave you shocked as well as tickle your funny bones. While you may feel pity for the man, you can’t stop laughing thinking about the consequences.

In the video, two young female singers can be seen performing on the stage with their other band members. Meanwhile, a man is seen dancing to the beats of the music while displaying different gestures to the girls. 

As it seems, the man is enjoying the moment to his fullest and doesn’t bother about the probable consequences he might face. 

Meanwhile, the camera pans towards the right where another woman is seen among the audience sitting far away from the stage. But, her reaction while she is watching her husband’s activities is what one can’t afford to miss.

The consequences are quite obvious which clearly reflects by the reactions on the face! The video has garnered over 72.8K likes and the comment box is flooded with hilarious comments. 

Almost all users suggested that the man will definitely get a good thrashing from his wife after they return home.