Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Elephants are known to be the most intelligent animals. It is rare to find any other animal species daring to face off with these gigantic creatures fearing their strength and huge size. While other animals avoid messing with jumbos, elephants don't attack others unless they feel threatened. 

However, it would be surprising to see a jumbo attacking an adult animal but not hurting its offspring. Here we bring a video that shows an elephant launching an attack on a lioness but sparing the cubs.

As seen in the video, the lioness is with its cubs on open grassland while the elephant intrudes fiercely towards the big cat. The lioness seems to be injured as it picks one of its cubs in its jaws and limps while running away. The lioness runs away to save its life, without any other option, while holding one of its cubs in its jaws. Two of her other cubs are left behind while the jumbo charges towards the wild cat. 

Surprisingly, as soon as the elephant comes closer to the cubs, it stops and diverts its way while the cubs run to save themselves from the incoming threat. 

The video shared on X (Formerly Twitter) by Nature is Amazing has gone viral on social media amassing massive views and likes.

One user commented, "That elephant was fierce! It's incredible how it protected the lioness' cubs in such a dangerous situation." (sic)

Another wrote, "Elephants show compassion too! Such an incredible display of nature's complexity. #NatureUnpredictable" (sic)

"The elephant has no intention of attacking the baby lion It shows the kindness of the elephant," wrote a third user. (sic)