Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Selflessness, courage and an unwavering commitment like qualities for protecting and nurturing their loved ones make mothers superheroes. Mothers possess incredible strength and resilience and can do whatever it takes to protect their babies, be it human or animal. Their love knows no bounds and they will also risk their lives to protect their offspring.

Recently, a video of a female Zebra surfaced on social media that shows it fighting back an adult lioness to protect its foal.

In the video, the lioness can be seen holding the baby zebra's neck within its powerful jaws. Suddenly, the mother zebra rushes towards the lioness and attacks it.

The lioness seems to be in no mood to leave its prey. Further, it tightens its jaws around the foal and drags it by its neck.

However, the mother without bothering about the consequences again attacks the big cat with its head and leg. Finally, the grip around the foal's neck loosens and it slips off from the jaws. Meanwhile, the adult zebra rushes behind its offspring.

Next, the lioness attacks the adult zebra but gets kicked back. Without losing a moment, the mother zebra runs away from the lion with its offspring. On the other hand, after losing its prey, the lioness keeps staring at them.

While the video's source couldn't be verified, it is shared on X (formerly Twitter) by World Of Memes with a caption reading, "Nothing is stronger than a mother’s love Moms." (sic)

The video has amassed over 73K views and netizens have flooded the comments section with notes expressing their love and admiration for the courageous mother zebra.