Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Nature is amazing and full of surprises. In the wild, unpredictability reigns and nature operates on its own. While it is quite common to see predators chasing and hunting down their prey, sometimes these hunters taste defeat. Recently, a video of a Leopard surfaced on social media in which the big cat tries to hunt down a Baboon. What happens next is surprising and worth watching.

Leopards are majestic big cats known for their incredible agility. They are stealthy hunters and are capable of dragging their prey much larger in size up into trees for safekeeping. On the other hand, Baboons are highly social primates led by dominant males. Baboons are omnivorous, adaptable and exhibit a wide range of behaviours. Baboons can be aggressive in certain situations including perceived threats from predators.

In the viral video, a troop of baboons can be seen walking on a road. However, suddenly the troop disperses and runs hither and thither. In a flash, the leopard approaches from behind and an adult male baboon immediately blocks the big cat's way. It seems, the big baboon is the alpha male and jumps to save its troop.

The big cat ferociously attacks the baboon and tries to hunt it down. However, the troop of primates immediately launch an attack on the big cat. The leopard lands in a dilemma. However, as it is alone and the troop of baboons launches an attack, it is left with no other choice than to flee the spot. 

The fight doesn't end here! The baboons follow the leopard up to a distance to make sure that the threat is averted. The video proves that no matter how big the threat is, it can be averted with unity.

While the source of the video is not verified, it is shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Nature Is Amazing. As it seems, the incident was captured by a group of wildlife explorers. The video has been viewed over 7 million times and liked over 56K times.

The comments section is also flooded with reactions from netizens. The users showered praises on the alpha male that dared to face off with the big cat, without bothering about the consequences.