Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Paris is a dream destination for people who wish to explore some beautiful places and enjoy their stay. Moreover, Paris is considered a heaven for lovebirds, and capturing a romantic pose in front of the Eiffel Tower is a must. Moreover, Paris is also a tourist attraction for Disneyland. 

People who can afford a trip to Paris will certainly plan to propose to the love of their life in Paris. If you have any recent plans of proposing your love in Paris, you should better stick to the Eiffel Tower and not Disneyland. The reason is your surprise plan may get ruined at Disneyland. 

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Here we bring a video of two lovebirds that opted for a memorable love proposal at Disneyland but the moment and excitement got ruined.
As seen in the video, the lovebirds are seen in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle located exactly at the center of Disneyland. A few seconds later, the boy pulls out something from his pocket and goes down on his knees. As the boy opens the box, the girl's excitement is fuelled. She gets overwhelmed as the boy proposes to her for marriage. Even the crows present at the spot cheered for the duo.

The girl instantly accepts the proposal and stretches out her hand. The elated boy was just about to pick up the ring from the box when suddenly a man from the other side rushes in between them and snatches away the ring box. 

Stepping down the stairs, the man instructs the couple to step down. From the attire, it seems the man works at Disneyland. Though the employee snatched away the ring box, he was polite enough to ask the duo to come down. Handing over the ring box to the boy, the employee says, “Yes, that’s great, but from here, it would even be better.”

Well, it seems, doing photoshoots on the stage is not permitted so the employee asked them to step down from the stage and continue their photoshoot. However, ultimately, the man ruined a romantic marriage proposal that the couple would have cherished lifelong.

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The video shared on Twitter by CCTV IDIOTS has gone viral and has been viewed over 14 million times. Well, netizens have expressed their anguish for ruining their lovely moment. Many even went on to say that if there are any restrictions in a particular area, it could have been compromised for a lifetime moment.