Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Road mishaps mostly happen due to overspeeding, drunken driving, inadequate training, lack of discipline, poor law enforcement and several other reasons. Apart from that, there are several roads that are accident-prone as mishaps quite frequently occur there. Such roads get identified as ‘Black Spots’. 

However, have you ever heard of ‘Cursed Street’? Though it sounds bizzare, after watching this video, you may agree to the claims. 

The video here shows narrow streets meeting at a square. Suddenly, a red vehicle appears on the CCTV installed on the roadside. Instead of running on the road, the vehicle directly collides with a house. 

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In another instance, another pink car slips off and again collides at the same point. Immediately, another car skids and hits the pink car. Surprisingly, another black car also had the same fate. 

In the same video, probably of another day, three cars approach at one time on the square and collide with each other. Even a bike rider slipped off on the road and collided with the house. Before the bike rider could lift up his bike, another car rushed straight and ran over the bike. 

The video shows a series of accidents on the fateful road. Even though the drivers applied power brakes to stop their vehicles, they couldn’t prevent their vehicles from skidding off. 

The video shared on Twitter by nftbadger has so far been viewed over 16 million times. Netizens also went on to share their opinion. As claimed by some users, the ‘Cursed Street’ is in Mexico City.