Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Witnessing accidents while travelling on road is quite common for many of us, isn’t it? Even newspapers, broadcast media, and digital media report dozens of accidents on an everyday basis. However, have you ever witnessed any horrific accident because of a single person’s casual behaviour while crossing the road?

Here we bring a video that shows a carefree woman creating mayhem while crossing the road. 

As seen in the video, the woman is crossing a road quite casually. She is heading towards the other side of the road in a carefree manner. Though the road was empty at the moment, several vehicles were heading towards her very fast. But, the woman didn’t bother about the approaching vehicles and kept walking. 

However, before she could reach the other side of the road, an auto-rickshaw came closer to her. Finding the walking woman in front of his vehicle the auto-rickshaw driver suddenly turned towards the side unaware of the person travelling on a two-wheeler. 

The auto-rickshaw hit the two-wheeler and turned turtle. The person on the two-wheeler slipped on the road and the vehicle hit two other commuters walking on the roadside. Fortunately, several other persons who were right behind the auto-rickshaw managed to control their vehicles averting the accident. 

Several commuters from both sides of the road rushed towards the two-wheeler and auto-rickshaw. But, the woman, for whom the terrible accident took place, didn’t bother to look behind and crossed the road casually.