Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Averting a probably confirmed death is often considered a miracle. Indians commonly use a phrase for such incidents, 'Jako rakhe saiyan maar sake na koi' which means 'No one can kill you when god is your saviour/protector'.

Accidental deaths have emerged as a prime concern across several nations. While the tragic deaths in road accidents is witnessing a surge all over the world, the recent data/statistics from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) suggest 1.73 lakh people lost their lives of around 4.22 lakh traffic accidents in 2021, which is much higher than 2020 statistics.

Meanwhile, there are some lucky persons who miraculously give a slip to death from a certain tragic mishap. 

Here we bring a video that truly defines that death averts when god guards life.

In this video, a youth can be seen sitting on his two-wheeler parked on the roadside. Meanwhile, a speeding earth mover is seen approaching the youth. It seems, the driver lost control of the vehicle. The youth jumped off his bike frightened over the incident. Meanwhile, another speeding four-wheeler intrudes into the scene and bumps into the earth mover. 

The collision took place very close to the youth and the four-wheeler after hitting the earth mover rebounded and directly hit the bike. Shockingly, the youth couldn't move faster and fell down near the front wheel. However, miraculously, the youth narrowly escaped certain death and stood up without any injuries. Surprisingly, no other person was hurt in the accident.

This miraculous incident was captured on a camera lens. Indeed, the four-wheeler approached as a saviour for the youth on the bike. It could be a mere coincidence but this incident proves that the youth was quite lucky to escape from the clutch of death. 

Several such videos can be found on the internet that shows such great escapes. Such videos will force you to think, 'No one can hurt you when god is your saviour'.

Here are some more videos, that prove the same: