Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

They say ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and be it big or small it motivates us to work hard. Amid this, there are some creative people too who have a passion to come up with something innovative to address their needs. And, news or videos of such inventions often go viral on social media. 

Here we bring one such video that has stormed the internet leaving many surprised, shocked, and rolling on the floors laughing. 

As seen in the video, a few cops are seen on the road and stopping a man who was approaching closer to them on his bike. As it seems, the man is stopped by the cops as he is not wearing a helmet, which is a violation of traffic rules. 

One of the cops stepped ahead to pull the key from the Enfield bike. But, the biker seemed to be normal. The cop seems to be confused and looks down after pulling the key. Next, the biker stepped down and stood politely near his bike. 

The truth was revealed after the person holding the camera panned it to capture the whole bike. The engine of the bike was missing. Excluding the engine, all other parts of the bike were in their place. 

Soon several other cops came closer to take a look at the ‘Cycle Enfield Bike’. Even several other commuters stopped by to take a look at the bike. 

Without issuing a challan to the biker, the cops allowed him to go. To everyone’s surprise, the biker started paddling his cycle which was modified with the body frame of a Royal Enfield Bullet.