Poonam Singh

Indian weddings have always been a grand affair with dance and music, however, when the bride or groom gives a performance it becomes even more special. Just like this bride who stole the spotlight with her amazing dance performance on Aishwariya Rai's Aao Naa from the movie 'Kyun Ho Gaya Na'.

The bride gracefully took centre stage, adorned in resplendent blue embellished lehenga and embarked on a solo dance at her wedding festivities. 

As the enchanting melody filled the air, she moved with a blend of elegance and joy, expressing the emotions that words often fail to capture. Each step reflected the celebration of a new chapter, and her radiant smile illuminated the room. The clip was shared on Instagram by the handle @reya_weddingchoreography with the caption, “The Sweetest bride of all. So calm and patient.”

This post was shared on 23rd September. Since being shared, it has been viewed over 46.5K times and the numbers are still increasing.

The post received an overwhelmingly positive response from social media users, with one expressing their admiration by saying, “heart-stealing performance.” Another user simply commented, “Beautiful....” Appreciating the bride’s incredible performance, a user wrote, “Wowww.”