Poonam Singh

While some brides are happy to stick to traditional white wedding dresses, there are others who will go out of their way to be different. However, the bride’s choice might not always coincide with her family's wish just like this bride who opted for a sheer see-through wedding dress despite her mother’s wish that she wears a traditional ball gown for her Big day.

The modern bride defying her mother’s request choose a hip-hugging number with a plunging sweetheart neckline and a sheer, floor-length skirt that showcased her bare thighs.

A video of the bride’s dress trail has gone viral on Instagram with over 4.4 million views on the photo-sharing app. The video was shared by a page called Virginia Bridal Boutique.

In the now-viral video, the bride is seen confidently strutting around the dress shop in the see-through bridal dress. As the nearly-wed models her wedding dress, another young woman hands her a bouquet of flowers. The duo then boldly sashays towards the camera — as if to signify a deliberate disregard for her mother’s ballgown wishes. 

The caption of the post read: “All jokes aside — it’s your day, your way,” encouraging the brides to wear whatever they want for their Big day.

Soon netizens flooded the comment section disapproving the bride’s choice arguing that the clinging, skin-flaunting wedding dress was nothing more than an indecent disaster. 

“The see-through skirt looks trashy,” one user wrote. 

“Always pick a dress you can walk in. Don't wanna look like baby horse,” wrote another. 

“Looks like a long girdle,” another mocked.  “Tacky. Obviously not going to be a church wedding,” said another commentator.