Poonam Singh

In a shocking incident from Maharashtra’s Buldhana district, a bride cancelled her wedding after the groom and barartis kept dancing for hours and even missed the auspicious time of the marriage. 

The late-night dancing in his own wedding procession cost the groom a lot when the bride decided to marry her friend in the same mandap.

This incident took place in Malkapur Pangra village in Buldhana district. According to reports, the groom had to reach the bride’s home on time. However, the wedding procession was already late and they were behind the auspicious time.

According to Asianet NewsHindi, the bride and her family kept waiting but there was no trace of the groom. 

Reportedly, everyone was drunk and busy dancing. Seeing his friends' dance, the groom could not resist, and he got down from the car and started dancing among the drunken friends.

After waiting for several hours, when the bride’s father requested to stop the dance and come for the wedding, the drunk baratis assaulted him and other members of the bride's family. 

The fight with her family enraged the bride and she refused to marry. After this the girl called the wedding off, leaving the groom and his family shocked.  

But, to avoid defamation, the bride's family decided to marry her off to another man instead.  The bride and her new groom knew each other and were friends.

However, the series of bizarre events didn't end there. The next day, the groom's family also fixed his marriage and he got married to another girl. However, what was surprising was that during the second marriage, nobody from the groom's side drank a drop of alcohol.