Rashmi Ranjan

Indian weddings are all about colour, dresses, extensive decorations, music, dance, costumes and rituals. Among all rituals, the ‘Varmala’ ritual is considered one of the most important rituals of the wedding.

As the bride and groom start their conjugal life, they vow to support each other during the ups and downs in their life. 

Recently, a video of varmala ritual during a marriage ceremony has surfaced on the social media and is being widely loved by the internet users.

In the viral video, the bride can be seen on her knees during the ritual while the groom puts varmala. After the completion of the ritual, the bride can be seen seeking the blessings of her partner with folded hands.

The guests present at the venue seem stunned by the gesture of the bride and can be seen cheering for the couple.

The video has so far garnered over 31000 views and more than 1300 likes.

The video which has gained good traction on the internet is being widely appreciated by the users.  

While praising the bride, one user wrote, “Meri life me kab aayega,” another wrote, “It's the Most Beautiful Feeling in the World.”