Poonam Singh

Weddings are special and wedding pictures are even more special as these images capture the beautiful moments of bride and groom and their families which last forever.

However, at a wedding in Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district, these wedding pictures led to an ugly turn after a fight broke out between the bride and the groom's family members over who will get the chance to take pictures with bride and groom.

According to a Times Now report, after the "varmala" ritual, the wedding guests from both sides began to argue over who would take pictures.

The heated argument ended up in a nasty fight with many guests getting injured including the groom’s uncle and sister.

Reportedly, the groom along with his wedding procession travelled from Rampur Karkhana Dhus to Madhavpur village. Everything was going smoothly until the varmala ceremony. 

Following varmala, the moment the time for photos began, the guest on the groom's side, who were allegedly in a drunken state, started demanding on taking pictures first, which led to a fight between the families.

Later, when groom's uncle tried to break up the fight, he was severely beaten. The groom's sister also suffered injuries in the altercation, according to media reports. 

The Rampur Karkhana police arrived at the village after receiving the information. Subsequently, the wounded people were moved to Sadar Hospital for treatment.

"On Thursday night around 9.30 pm, there was information about a quarrel over taking photographs at the wedding. The injured had already left for the hospital by the time the police arrived at the scene with a team," said senior sub-inspector Balram Singh.

Later, the groom was furious over the brawl and initially refused to get married. However, after much convincing, the groom tied the knot and finished the ritualistic marriage in the presence of the police.