Poonam Singh

Indian weddings are incomplete without cute competition between a bride and a groom during their marriage rituals. There are several videos on social media that showcase funny activities by the bride and groom on their big day. Exemplifying the same, recently a video has been doing rounds on the internet, which shows a bride and groom competing to get a ring from inside a pot on their wedding day.

The viral video opens up to show a bride and a groom kneeling on the wedding stage and trying to get something from a pot which is beautifully decorated. The bride and groom are completely immersed in the ritual and trying to get hold of the thing, while doing so they can be seen spilling water from the pot also.

As the video progresses, the groom can be seen winning the competition by pulling out the ring. The bride at first thinks the groom is bluffing and she continues to search for the object. However, when sees the groom handing over the ring he found in the pot to an elderly member, she can be seen smiling and saying something to the groom who also had a wide grin on his face.

The video was shared by Wedding Oath on Instagram. The page is full of wedding videos and has millions of views on Instagram. The caption on the video reads, “The Cutest Fight.”

The video has gone viral and managed to gather over 21.3K likes. “When you marry with your best friend," commented a user. Another person wrote, “Cutest Fight on Internet."