Cassian Baliarsingh

In a shocking incident, a doctor from Jodhpur in Rajasthan chained a dog to his car and dragged it around on a busy road. The animal cruelty came to the fore after a video of the incident went viral on social media.

Shot by a motorist, the clip of the animal cruelty has angered internet users who demanded stringent action against the doctor. The video is from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. After being shared on Twitter, it went viral and was also shared on other social media platforms. Since being shared, the video has sparked outrage.

"How can Dr be so merciless, shameful," wrote a user.

Others called the doctor "heartless" and asked the state government to cancel his licence.

Another user wrote, "This man shouldn't be spared! Strictest action should be taken. I pray he goes through much worse than what he did to the poor doggo, and realizes his sin!"



The video was shared on Twitter by Dog Home Foundation with the user id @DHFJodhpur.  The caption read, “The person who did this he is a Dr. Rajneesh Gwala and dog legs have multiple fracture and this incident is of Shastri Nagar Jodhpur please spread this video so that @CP_Jodhpur should take action against him and cancel his licence @WHO @TheJohnAbraham @Manekagandhibjp.

Moreover, the doctor dared to carry out the inhumane act on a busy road. Several other vehicles can be seen passing by.

In a bid to free itself and save its own life, the dog can be seen dangerously swerving from one side of the vehicle to the other.

While many vehicles just pass by, a motorist showed courage and followed the doctor while also making a video of the heinous incident. He pulled up his vehicle in front of the car and forced the doctor to release the dog. However, the dog has got multiple fractures due to the inhumane act.

Soon after passers-by gathered around the vehicle and unchain the dog. They later informed an NGO, that reached the spot and rescued the dog. The dog was then taken to a hospital.

Later, the NGO also registered a police complaint against the doctor. In the FIR, they registered a case under Animal Cruelty Act. Later, the NGO also shared a copy of their FIR on twitter.

However, the accused doctor tried to clarify his heinous crime and said that many stray dogs leave around his house and he was just trying to remove them.