Cassian Baliarsingh

Students of a university in Pakistan recently celebrated Bollywood Day and a video of them giving tribute to every iconic character is now going viral.

From Chulbul Pandey to Baburao, Kaleen Bhaiya to Raj Malhotra from Mohabbatein, the students displayed the iconic characters that are etched in the minds of the audience.

The university girls also happily participated in the celebration and were seen dressed as Main Hoon Na’s Sushmita Sen, Student of the Year’s Shanaya (Alia Bhatt) and Geet (Kareena Kapoor) from Jab We Met.

The video originally shared on TikTok was re-shared by a social media user on Twitter, and is now receiving all the love and praises from India.

Sharing the video, Twitter user Shama Junejo wrote, “These kids only celebrated Bollywood Day, I loved the fun they had. What’s wrong in it? Let them live a few happy years of their lives before they are trapped in mundane situations of practical life when in jobs #LUMS.”

Since being shared on Twitter, the video has garnered over 51.9K views and the numbers are increasing every second.

The comments section is filled with comments like, awww, cute, super and good.

However, many Pakistani social media users weren’t too happy with Pakistan students celebrating Bollywood and targeted the students in the comments section.

“Bollywood has been making a lot of anti-Pakistan movies recently, institutionalizing and celebrating a Day is equating it with national heroes for whom we celebrate days. Think of Art; and Islamic history is full of it. Never heard of Rumi Day, Calligraphy Day, Islamic Musician Day, etc,” commented one user.

Another user wrote, “I thought India was our enemy and we got rid of them 76 years ago to do our own thing.”

A third user wrote, “There are many other ways of celebration!! Most pathetic one is chosen by the students with due respect!! They need to set higher bar for themselves even for entertainment.”