Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

While travelling on road, it is quite common to encounter commuters engaged in fights over trivial matters. The dispute might be for a small accident or teasing or for overtaking. However, only a few commuters take it seriously and engage in brutal fights causing harm to others. 

Here we bring a video that has recently surfaced on the internet. The video shows a furious youth smashing a big stone at a bike rider. However, luck favoured the biker and he didn’t get major harm in the attack.

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As seen in the video, a youth is seen standing in front of a bike rider in a red shirt. However, suddenly the youth moved towards the roadside. He lifted up a huge stone from the road and raised it high. Surprisingly, the youth threw the stone at the biker with full force. 

It badly hit the bike rider, but luckily he was wearing a helmet due to which the stone didn’t hit his face.  Certainly, it was a narrow escape for the biker.

Meanwhile, another two-wheeler is also seen parked on the road in front of the other bike. 

The bike rider dropped his two-wheeler on the ground and the next visuals show him chasing the youth. The bike rider tried to capture him while he fled the spot.

The reason behind the attack could be anything, but, such violence on road could have majorly harmed the man on the bike as well as other commuters. 

The video shared on Twitter by Gharkekaleshh has been viewed over 58K times and has also triggered hilarious comments. Meanwhile, many others went on to share the significance of helmets.

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