Poonam Singh

An absolutely cute video of a lion cub playing with its father and mother is doing the rounds on social media, and we can bet that it is one of the cutest wildlife clips off late on the internet.

The clip beautifully portrays the cub’s relationship with its father and mother.

The video clip opens to show a lion trying to play with the cub. However, the cub seems to be scared because of the lion’s aggressive nature. So it tries to escape from the lion's claws and runs towards the mother lioness in the endearing video. 

The mother lioness seems also furious at the lion when she sees him playing with cub. So also, in a way, attacked the lion following which it can be seen backing off while the mother lion goes to cuddle and lick the cub to make sure the little one is alright.

As every child feels the safest with the mother, the cub which is scared of its father can be seen running towards its mother. This pure love relationship between a mother and her child depicted in the video has won millions of hearts. 

The short segment was shared on Twitter by @TheFigen_. “When the baby lion's father got angry, his mother immediately ran to her cub!  Mother heart!" reads the caption of the video.

This cute video of the mama lioness and its baby has sent the Internet into a meltdown. Since it was shared a few days ago, the clip has received over 1.1 million views, and the number is still growing. 

“See how daddy lion walked away when he saw mom lioness approaching? Yeah, even lions know not to come between a mama and her baby," one user wrote. “Matriarchy is the strongest social group, everyone is valued, everyone knows their place." said another. 

“Male lions kill Cubs that's why she is so attentive," said a third. “That’s the truth of life. Mother is always there for her kids irrespective of the circumstances." Wrote another user.