Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Social media has become a vital part of people's lives, but sometimes, individuals engage in cringe-worthy activities that go viral online.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet, featuring a girl riding a Yamaha R15 motorcycle in the city of Indore while carrying a Zomato delivery bag.

This video was shared on a platform by a user named Rajiv Mehta, who humorously wrote in the caption, "Indore #Zomato marketing head had this idea. He hired a model to drive around with an empty Zomato bag for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. @Zomato is on a roll... 😁😁"

In the video, a girl can be seen riding the Yamaha R15 while wearing a Zomato-branded jersey and half jeans.

She has brown hair, wears goggles, and holds a Zomato bag on her bike. She appears to be enjoying the attention of onlookers in the traffic.

As the video went viral on social media, Zomato's CEO, Deepinder Goyal, responded to the video and clarified that the report is not accurate.

"Hey! We had absolutely nothing to do with this. We don't endorse helmet-less biking. Also, we don't have an 'Indore Marketing Head.' This seems to be someone just 'free-riding' on our brand. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with women delivering food - we have hundreds of women who deliver food every day to earn a livelihood for their families, and we are proud of their work ethic," Goyal wrote.  

The video has gained over 1.1 million views with many likes and comments.

Viewers have various reactions, with one user mentioning the lack of a helmet, another humorously referencing a scene from a movie, and some expressing concerns about the model's safety and the choice of a female model for this marketing stunt.

Zomato's approach to this creative marketing has sparked a mix of opinions.