Cassian Baliarsingh

With the advancement of technology, social media has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Almost every single person is using it to gain popularity. However, only a fortunate few turn overnight social media sensations. Social media now serves as a pathway to success and popularity.

Priya Varrier, the Wink Girl, two Pakistani girls ‘Party Chal Rahi Hai’ and the ‘Mere Dil Yeh Pukare Aja’ dancer turned social media sensation after their video went viral.

Now, another girl also from Pakistani has joined the bandwagon. She has been identified as Kashaf Ali, a content creator by profession. With over 242K followers on Instagram, Kashaf is the latest girl to take over the internet with her ‘Sunlo Meri Baat Theek Hai’ video.

Kashaf has been going viral ever since and several social media influencers have been recreating her video. The Pakistani influencer has once again gone viral, this time for giving it back to a troll.

During an Instagram Q&A session, a troll asked Kashaf to do the dishes and she chose to confront the matter head-on. 

In response, Kashaf took her phone to the kitchen and started washing dishes, all the while going live. Her action wasn’t an act of submission, but instead, a strong declaration against gender stereotypes and cyberbullying.

“I washed the dishes. Does this make me a small or bigger person? What’s changed? Nothing. This is perfectly fine for me. It was just a normal task. So, why do you people use such derogatory terms for women?” she questioned.

The video has gone viral like wildfire and is winning hearts online and ignited larger conversation about gender equality.