Sanchita Mondal

Dogs are wise, and intelligent and play a major part in the lives of pet parents. Researchers say the four-legged animal understands humans better than we think. They even have the capability to understand human language, and emotions. The canines have a unique way to express their love, joy and other emotions in form of barks, growls and wagging their tails. 

Imitating their fellow humans is another impressive skill of these four-legged friends through which they express their faithfulness. Some of these hilarious and heartfelt moments have been captured on cameras and social media has become the medium to make those reachable to people across the world.

You must have come across several videos that showcase the singing talent of dogs. Well, will you believe, if we say a stray dog in Pune goes to a temple on a regular basis and 'sings' bhajans and kirtans with devotees? Sounds unbelievable right?

Here we bring the video that went viral years back and has again emerged on social media platforms singing talent. But, this is something different from the usual videos and will certainly leave you amazed.

In the viral video, the adorable white canine can be seen 'crooning' along to kirtan at a temple in Maharashtra’s Pune. 

The 1:05-minute video clip was posted online by Twitter user @sudhmadate and as soon as it was shared, it went viral! Sharing the video, the Twitter user informed that the cute dog visits the temple and joins the kirtan every Thursday evening without fail. 

Meanwhile, there is one such video that had gone viral two years back that shows the bond between the owner and his pet dog which also proves that dogs are counterparts to people's happiness and sadness. 

The viral video shows Mumbai-based comedian-writer Rohit Nair and his dog Zoe singing an English song, in which Nair sings a few notes and the dog imitates him. 

The video was originally posted by Nair on his Instagram in 2020. Sharing the clip, the comedian wrote: “When we are not discussing politics, Zoe and I do a bit of singing. Presenting to you Snoop Dog and Sobertooth – together we are the Howl Sisters.”


A post shared by Rohit Nair (@sobertooth)

Well, all these footages are enough to prove the uniqueness of the human-dog bond. The four-legged species always share a close and mutualistic relationship with people. These Innocent animals never miss a moment to prove that they are the most trustable companions one can ever have. 

That's why author John Grogan wrote, “It is amazing how much love and laughter they bring into our lives and even how much closer we become with each other because of them.”