Poonam Singh

There are only a few people who go out of their way to help poor and stray animals without caring about their convenience or what other people might think about them. They are legitimately true animal lovers who love the voiceless animals unconditionally.

People witnessed a wonderful act of kindness when a man risked his life by jumping on the railway track to save a stray dog on which a train was approaching in Mumbai.

In the clip, a dog can be seen walking on the railway tracks on which a train was approaching at a very slow speed. It seems the driver of the train has already spotted the dog and slowed down the train somewhat, when a man gets onto the tracks and is seen trying to catch the dog to rescue it. But the dog seems to be scared and runs away from it. But the man manages to capture it and safely puts it on the platform.

After rescuing the pet, the man also safely climbs back to the platform with the help of onlookers who were watching the whole incident.

Watch the video below:

The short clip was shared on Instagram by Nikhil Lokhande on his account. It has accumulated over 1,99,000 views and 14,900 likes. The heart-touching video was also shared by an Instagram account called Mumbai Meri Jaan with the caption, " Respect for this guy ❤️"

According to netizens, the incident took place at Nallasapora, which falls within the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

Social media praised the selfless act of the man for saving the dog. One user wrote," Humanity still alive in some people❤🙏😍love for him from heart💖" Another added, " Salute, we want more people like him ❤️❤️❤️🙌