Poonam Singh

Are you someone who loves cat or a cat parent and loves watching cute videos of felines? If yes, you must have come across hilarious videos of cats getting engaged in different unusual activities. Just like this (shared below) clip involving a cat.

The video opens to show a cat climbing around a home with a pillow in its mouth. The cat is seen carefully walking on the poles with a pillow to jump on the refrigerator, and from where it goes on to the other wall, using a cat climber. 

It then tries to go inside a cat cave but due to the pillow, can't climb into it. So, it then tries to go towards the sofa using the cat climber but the pet faces difficulty as it keeps hugging to the pillow. 

Later, it takes a leap of faith and jumps to the other climber from where it goes on to a drawer and finally to the sofa.

What is absolutely amazing to watch is despite the fact that the pillow was a hindrance, the cat doesn't let it go and goes all the way to the sofa to place the pillow before running away. 

Take a look at the video that is both hilarious and cute to watch:

The video was shared by an Instagram page called ivyandmika, which chronicles the life of two senior cat siblings. 

Here are some other hilarious videos of the cat siblings: