Cassian Baliarsingh

An adorable video of a little girl from Jammu and Kashmir requesting PM Modi, the holder of the country’s most powerful office, to build a nice school for them has the internet’s heart. 

Little Seerat Naaz from J&K’s Kathua voices an adorable wish to PM Modi and says, “Please Modiji, aap poore desh ki sunte ho. Meri bhi sun lo aaur acha sa humara yeh school banwa do.” The little girl gives a tour of her dilapidated school and makes the adorable request which is winning hearts online. Netizens are requesting PM Modi to fulfill the girl’s wish.

The girl starts the video with, “Assalamu Alaikum Modi ji, Kaise Ho App. Thik Ho? Mera Naam Seerat Naaz Hai. Mereko Na Aap Ko Ek Baat Bolni Hai.”

She then gives a tour of her school and can be heard saying, “Modiji yeh humara school hai. Dekho humara farsh kitna ganda ho chukka hai. Humein yahan niche bithate hain (Look how dirty the floor is. They make us sit here).”

She continues, “Please aap se request hai, ek acha sa school bana do. Humein niche baithna parta hai aur hamari uniform gandi ho jati hain aaur phir humein mamma marti hain. Bench bhi nahin hai (Modiji, I request you to build a nice school for us. We are sitting on the floor and our uniforms get dirty and our mothers beat us. We don’t even have benches).”

The girl signs off by saying, “Modiji aap poore desh ki sunte ho. Meri bhi sun lo aur achha school banwa do. (Modiji you listen to the entire nation. Please listen to my request too and build a good school for us).”

The adorable video was shared on Facebook and has been going insanely viral on social media platforms.