Manoj Kumar Jena

The Maldives is in hot water, facing massive backlash for derogatory comments made by three of its ministers against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Amid the escalating row, Indians, from celebrities to common man, have begun urging people to visit Lakshadweep instead of Maldives.

The Maldivian government has distanced itself from the row and suspended the three ministers. However, the Indians have fixed their stand on promoting their own tourist destination.

As social media is trending with posts of Lakshadweep, the Delhi police also stepped in to give a little push to this momentum. 

Delhi police took to its official Instagram handle and uniquely promoted Lakshadweep. 

In the post, a beautiful photo of Lakshadweep was shared and it depicted the pristine beauty of a beach in the Union Territory.

The beautiful image reads, "Don’t drive stressed. Get proper sleep. Take a break. Visit beautiful Lakshadweep." (SIC)
The post also reads, “huMarA isLanD Is loVEly & exquisite.” (SIC)

Netizens appreciated the creative approach of Delhi police’s social handle and one user gave a sarcastic comment and wrote, “Definitely An engineer is the Admin of This Handle,” and another user commented, “Best way to promote about road safety with current affairs.” 

Till the filling of this report, the post has amassed 12.1K likes. 

WATCH the post below: