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News Highlights

  • NASA is an independent aeronautics and space administration agency in the US.
  • When a so-called NASA release showed dome structures on the moon, it triggered an interesting internet discussion.

NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration independent agency in the United Nations is known for releasing some interesting information and images from its research and observations on the web from time to time. Recently an image of the moon showcasing a dome-like structure on its surface went viral on social media and it was promoted as an image released by NASA .

While there is no official confirmation whether there are dome-shaped structures on the moon’s surface or not, the images do not seem to be released by NASA. Albeit, the viral image has triggered an interesting discussion on social media with many saying that the dome-shaped structure was built by the Mughals calling it, “Moon under Mughals.”

One user has said that it is the Romila Thaper version of the moon. Another said that Chacha Nehru built the structure on the moon. One more user commented, “So it is not Armstrong who landed on the moon first.” Several other hilarious comments were made by social media users on this fake image.

Other rumours about NASA

It is not the first time that rumours associated with NASA have attracted so much attention on the internet. Over the years many different speculations and rumours have been wrongly attributed to NASA.

Earlier there was a rumour that NASA has already found an alien life and it also has made secret videos of it but the independent US agency has repeatedly denied such claims. It was quite a big achievement when humanity managed to land on the moon. But there were many people across the world who thought that all of it was fake.

Nevertheless, repeated investigations carried out independently by different agencies have debunked such rumours confirming that the landing on the moon was very much real and scientific data related to the same is readily available.


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