Cassian Baliarsingh

2022 was indeed a great year for all the food lovers. However, there were also a few bizarre food experiments that disgusted social media this year. Some food combinations were so weird and they left the internet in disgust and disbelief.

People did not even spare the Popular Indian sweet dish Jalebi and Maggie to boost their hilarious yet weird food experiments. Let’s take a look into some of the worst food combinations of this year. 

1. Masala Jalebi

The worst of all combination was ‘Masala Jalebi’ this year. A user dipped Jalebi in a masala gravy and garnished it with coriander leaves. Sharing the picture, he wrote, “Anyone want masala jalebi?”

As soon as the post went viral, sweet lovers were left disgusted and slammed the user.

“If there is any food crime section in IPC, then you would be in jail,” wrote a user while another person wrote, “Bhagwan maaf nahin karega.”

2. Jalebi Chaat

Similarly, a person had shared Jalebi Chaat on his social media handle. The dish was prepared with Jalebis and all the items that are added in chaat were added to the sweet dish. A layer of curd, sev, onions and papdi were added to the jalebi to make it ‘jalebi chaat’. 

The unpleasant food experiment irked a number of social media users.

3. Fruit Tea

Tea is an emotion for most Indians who cannot do without it. However, a tea vendor from Surat in Gujarat had the worst ever food combinations. He added banana, apple, chikoo and other fruits to the tea and gave it a fruity punch. The bizarre food experiment left many social media users rolling their eyeballs. 

4. Maggi Pani Puri, cotton candy Maggi
A food blogger went viral for all the bizarre food experiment this year. He added cotton candy to maggi and also made maggi pani puri. However, his experiments hardly impressed netizens who slammed him and said god will never forgive. 

5. Masala Dosa ice-cream

This year, many food bloggers tried to experiment with ice-cream and came out with some of the worst food combinations. Many people froze momos, chai and masala dosa, chopped them into pieces and added a scoop of ice-cream. To add to the insult, the foods were topped with green chillines in momos and sambar in masala dosa ice cream.

Although there were a lot many, these were so of the worst food experiments ever.