Cassian Baliarsingh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to remain one of the most popular leaders. Though he is not immune to criticism, he continues to dominate the list of most popular leaders with an approval rating of 77 per cent.

Meanwhile, a Surat-based jeweller has carved a bust of PM Modi weighing 156gm in 18-carat gold. The bust is 4.5-inch length and 3 inches wide and weighs around 156gm.

As per reports, the jeweller made it 156gm highlighting156 seats won by the BJP in the recently-concluded Gujarat Elections. The jeweller has been identified as Basant Bohar, a die-hard Modi supporter.

While he is a resident of Rajasthan, he has his jewellery shop, Radhika Chains in Surat for the last 20 years. It took around 3 months to complete the bust. At least 15 artisans and designers were engaged in making the beautiful bust.
Bohra has spent a whopping Rs 10.50 lakh for the bust.

“I’m a big supporter of PM Modi and wanted to pay my respects to him for the landslide victory in Gujarat Assembly Elections. It took around 3 months to make the bust. At least 15 artisans were engaged to make the bust. I was supervising the progress of the work,” said Bohra adding that he had spent Rs 10.50 lakh to make it and customers are lining up to buy it.

“Photos and videos of the bust are now going viral on social media. Now, my friends also want to buy it and gift it to PM Modi,” he added. 

Earlier, Bohra had made a gold replica of the Statue of Unity, which he later sold.