Cassian Baliarsingh

Bengaluru has turned into a pink paradise, thanks to pink trumpets and cherry blossoms all across the city. With streets lined up with beautiful pink flower-laden trees, the IT Hub of India looks no less than Japan.

The mesmerizing pictures were shared by Karnataka Tourism. Sharing the pictures, Karnataka Tourism wrote, “The Pink Trumpets or the Tabebuia Avellaneda have started to blossom here in Bengaluru. That time of the year when certain parts of Bengaluru turn completely pink.”

The exotic species of flower blossom in Bengaluru between January and March. The flower is also known as Tabebuia Rosea or Pink Trumpet. The flowers blossom once in a year and paint Bengaluru in a pink hue every year.

Pictures of streets being adorned by pink flowers are now going viral on Twitter and the internet is in awe. It looks like a dream! 

After being shared online, the pictures have garnered over 80K views, 1650 likes and counting. Social media users also loved the pictures and posted their reactions in the comments section.

“Quite early this time. Pink trumpets and Jacaranda trees usually bloom in their full glory only in late March or early April followed to the flaming red gulmohar,” commented a user.

“This is looking so good,” wrote another user while a third user commented, “Gorgeous.”

The post has been filled with comments like beautiful, gorgeous, mesmerizing etc. However, many social media users expressed dissatisfaction over the cutting down of valuable trees for road expansion.

“No worries, our BBMP will axe them next year,” wrote a user while another wrote, “no worries, you can cut them for making 2 lane flyover or underpass and once it’s ready after 7 years, you will realize that oh, we need to widen the flyover then cut more trees.”

Another user wrote, “This is looking so good, but BBMP will cut them soon.” 

“Chill guys, no one is going to enjoy this, we need to focus on potholes, can’t see even straight while driving,” commented another user.