Poonam Singh

Married people must know how important it is to remember the birthday of their spouses. Especially for husbands as they often forget important household events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. This is also one of the main reasons which lead to fights between couples. While the husbands usually pay a heavy price for forgetting their wives. 

However, in Samoa, a Polynesian island country, forgetting your wife’s birthday can lead to imprisonment for up to five years, which is a strict law enforced in this country with many unusual regulations, reported a DNA report.

Reportedly, Samoa is a unique and beautiful island nation, known for its strict adherence to the law.

As per media reports, in Samoa, if a husband forgets his wife's birthday for the first time, he is warned. If he repeats the same mistake for a second time, then the husband is fined or faces a jail sentence. 

Under the law, a man can face imprisonment of up to 5 years for this crime in the island country.

According to reports, in Samoa, there is a special team to ensure that this law is followed. 

A separate team works for this at the police level. This team also takes immediate action on receiving such complaints. There are awareness camps also to aware the wives of their rights and the law.