Poonam Singh

A girl in Patna, Bihar, refused to marry the groom after seeing him at the wedding altar. According to reports, the bride alleged that the groom was 'swapped', as she was expecting to marry someone else whom she had met previously. After the bride's refusal, an altercation erupted between the bride and groom's families.

The incident occurred in Fatuha, Patna district, as reported by LiveHindustan. Allegedly, the bride's father claimed that his daughter's marriage was arranged with Rohit (name changed) in the Fatuha police station area.

However, on the day of the wedding, the groom's side purportedly substituted Rohit with his brother. Upon seeing the groom at the wedding stage, the bride refused to proceed with the marriage. 

Despite pressure from the groom's side, the bride's family stood firm in their decision not to proceed with the marriage and demanded the return of Rs 1 lakh gift. This led to a confrontation, during which the groom's family reportedly chased away the bride's family from the venue.

Subsequently, the bride's family filed a complaint at the Fatuha police station. As per the LiveHindustan report, the bride stated that she did not wish to marry into that family and demanded the return of their money.

Meanwhile, the police have initiated an investigation into the matter. Although no arrests have been made yet, till the last report came in, the police were trying to resolve the dispute through talks.