Cassian Baliarsingh

The land of foodies, India's capital New Delhi is synonymous with the omnipresent chole bhature as the culinary culture of the city is incomplete with the traditional dish. There is no one who can say no to chole bhature.

However, the tasty delight comes with a cost. Yes, you have to add some extra kilos and there is no going back. So, chole bhature and gaining weight are two sides of the same coin. However, a Delhi restaurant has come up with the best marketing technique by selling chole bhature and also losing weight at the same time.

‘Gopal Ji’ restaurant claims that their customers can lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle by eating their chole bhature. An x user shared glimpses from the eatery and netizens cannot stop ROFL… The board at the restaurant reads in Hindi, “Eat Chole Bhature, Lose Weight and Reduce Diseases.”

Sharing the hilarious board on his X, Aditya Worah wrote, “Only in Delhi you can expect this.”

As expected, netizens were quick to react on the viral post and left hilarious comments.

“This is exactly how various brands Market by saying 100% natural and organic with no side effects. Whereas in reality millions risk their life by consuming toxic concoctions,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Mann ko Jo Khushi milti hai plus chole bhature+lassi ke baad jo neend ati hai, anxiety etc. thodi to kum hoti hai.”
“I have been eating at this place since I was in my 6th grade. uss samay ek plate 7 Rs. ki aati thi, aur ab 120 ki ho chuki hai! But, best chhole bhature hain!” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “Dead people anyways do not gain weight or fall sick!”

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