Cassian Baliarsingh

In an incredibly bizarre turn of events, two men on a flight were shocked to find out that they were not only doppelgangers but also shared the same name, hobbies, and friends. As luck would have it, the two men named Mark Garland were on the same flight flying to Bangkok.

Not only their looks, interestingly both of them had the same shaved heads, the New York Post reported.

The confusion was witnessed after one Mark Garland was late for the flight. While the 58-year-old Mark already checked in at Heathrow Airport, another 62-year-old Mark showed up, both looking the same taking other passengers by shock.

To top it all, the two Marks were seated next to each other and discovered even more similarities during the 11-and-a-half-hour flight. They were surprised to find out that they lived just 15 miles apart and had a common friend.

The surprising element did not stop there. Both the Marks were single fathers of four children. The incredible similarities have left both the Marks wondering about the odds of a long-lost connection.