Cassian Baliarsingh

In a bizarre turn of events, a young couple who was married for three years turned out to be cousins following a test. The couple Tylee and Nick Waters from Utah, USA had the surprising revelation and was left astounded.

The two took to TikTok to reveal their bizarre experience and shared their relationship online. They released a video together that reads, “Over 3 years into marriage and we just found out we are cousins.” 

In the video, they can be seen lip-locking with each other as they make the big revelation.

However, the two decided to firmly commit to their marriage despite the unexpected revelation. Instead of separating, the two decided to commit to their relationship.


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In another video, they also revealed that they share the same birthday, making their relationship more bewildering. However, they didn’t disclose any specifics about their familial connection or how they became aware of it.

Later, numerous other social media users shared their stories of discovering themselves in a similar circumstance after they got married.

Earlier, this year a couple from Colorado, USA turned out to be cousins after 17 years of marriage and parents to three children. Celina and Joseph Quinones stumbled upon the startling revelation through a DNA test. 

After initial thoughts of separation, Celina and Joseph decided to stay together for the well-being of their three children.