The Delhi Police, renowned for its innovative approach to public awareness campaigns, recently took to X to convey message about road safety.

In their latest post, the Delhi Police shared an image of Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan in his iconic role in film 'Jawan'. The caption accompanying the image delivered a message: "BACHCHA, BADA YA JAWAN, HELMET BACHA SAKTA HAI JAAN!" (Be it children, old or young, a helmet can save a life).

The clever play on words not only underscores the importance of wearing helmets but also demonstrates the Delhi Police's ability to connect with the public using popular culture references.

Accompanying this image was a short video clip from the film, where Shah Rukh Khan can be seen riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet.

The video has garnered significant attention, amassing a total of 34.5K views and counting.

Social media users have been quick to respond to the Delhi Police's creative approach.

One user commented, "Impressive," applauding the police force's outreach efforts.