Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In an astonishing incident, a river of red wine was seen streaming through the streets of the small Portuguese town of Lorenco de Bairro after an accident at a distillery.

As per a report in the New York Post, the incident occurred when barrels carrying 600000 gallons of liquor collapsed unexpectedly.

Luckily, a few locals captured the incident on their mobile cameras.

Soon the incident went all over social media after locals shared the videos. In the video, red liquid can be seen flowing down a steep hill in the small town of So Lorenco de Bairro on Sunday. The small town is sparsely populated with 2,000 people.

According to the New York Post, the leak was so huge that the spilt wine might have filled an Olympic-sized swimming pool, causing an environmental alert.

Soon after the incident, officials immediately leapt into action and attempted to halt the wine before it could flow into Certima River. The Anadia Fire Department impeded the flood and turned it away from the river, following which it ran into a nearby field.

According to fire fighters, the wine also flooded a basement at a residence near the distillery.