Soumya Prakash Pradhan

NPCI International Payments Limited (NIPL) has partnered with PPRO, a digital payments infrastructure provider, to make e-commerce payments easy for people all over the world.

This agreement will help expand the reach of RuPay cards and UPI to PPRO's global clients, including payment service providers and merchant acquirers.

The partnership will also enable NIPL to expand its business into foreign markets and add India to PPRO's list of Local Payment Methods (LPMs).

Expanding RuPay card and UPI:

NIPL is teaming up with PPRO to help it grow in other countries.

This will give banks, payment gateways, and businesses from all over the world the ability to use NIPL's payment system to expand globally.

With this partnership, people can easily buy things from other countries using their preferred payment method, with no complications.

India to PPRO's Local:

The integration of UPI into PPRO's digital payments infrastructure removes all operational complexity for partners to sell cross-border into India at scale.

This move will provide a platform for hassle-free e-commerce payments globally
UPI's popularity:

In 2016, India created a quick payment system called UPI that many people use.

UPI handles 60% of payments within India and 40% of fast payments worldwide.

Just in March 2023, UPI handled over 8.7 billion transactions - more than ever before.

By adding UPI to PPRO's digital payment system, it becomes easier to sell things to India from other countries without any problems.