Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Apple is known for its innovative health and wellness products and services.

It has a reputation for creating apps and gadgets that aid in health tracking and even saving lives.

Now, with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), Apple is once again pushing boundaries.

The company is said to be developing an AI-driven health coaching service and emotional tracking technology.

Apple's quartz initiative:

Bloomberg reports that Apple is preparing to launch a new coaching service, codenamed Quartz that will help users maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing personalised coaching programs based on data collected from an Apple Watch.

This is part of Apple's ongoing effort to prioritise health features, with a particular focus on the Apple Watch.

The project is being led by a collaboration of Apple groups, including its health, Siri, and AI teams, as well as its services division.

Expanding the health app:

Apple is said to be working on an iPad version of its health app, in addition to the Quartz initiative, to enable users to view their health data, including electrocardiogram results, in a larger format.

The company may also introduce new tools for managing vision conditions like nearsightedness and tracking emotions in its health app this year.

These new features aim to provide users with a comprehensive approach to their health and wellness.