• Thursday, September 21, 2023
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How to implement parental control on your child's device, know here

Google Play's parental control features offer content filtering, app approval, purchase approvals, and more, empowering parents to create a safer digital environment for their children's device usage.

Soumya Prakash Pradhan
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How to implement parental control on your child's device, know herePhotoPhoto: Canva Pro

How to implement parental control on your child's device, know here

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Google Play offers useful parental control features for managing your child's device usage and online safety.

These features allow you to control the content and device features accessible to your child.

Google Play Family Library

Google Play Family Library is a helpful tool for parents to monitor and control their children's content access.

It allows parents to keep track of the apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books that their kids download and use on their devices.

By using this feature, parents can stay informed about the content their children engage with, promoting a safer and responsible digital experience.

Content Filtering

Google Play provides content filtering options to ensure age-appropriate content for children.

Parents can set up filtering levels based on the maturity of apps, games, movies, and TV shows available on the Play Store.

This feature allows parents to customise the filter according to their child's age, preventing access to inappropriate content.

The filtering options include Everyone, Low, Medium, and High maturity levels, enabling parents to make informed decisions about their child's device access.

App Approval

Google Play's App Approval feature allows parents to review and approve or decline app requests from their children before installation.

This level of control gives parents the power to ensure that their child only downloads and uses apps that align with their values and meet their safety criteria.

By managing app access in this way, parents can safeguard their child's online experiences and protect them from potentially harmful or inappropriate applications.

Purchase Approvals

To enhance financial security, parents can enable purchase approvals on their child's Google Play account. 

This feature requires parents to review and authorise any purchase before it can be completed.

By exercising control over spending, parents can prevent unexpected charges and ensure that their child's online activities remain within reasonable limits.

Password Protection

Setting up a password or PIN for your Google Play account adds an additional layer of security.

It helps prevent unauthorised access and changes to the parental control settings.

By creating a strong password, parents can maintain exclusive control over the device's content and settings, ensuring peace of mind and further safeguarding their child's digital experience.

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