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Google has announced several new additions to its products aimed at improving Indians' interaction with the internet and Google's product, including search and Android.

The key announcement includes a new multi-search in Google, Fraud detection in Google Pay, DigiLocker to Android and others. Here are all the announcements made by Google.

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Bringing the internet to Indians in their native languages

Users from India are now able to use the internet in their native languages. The company also plans to support language solutions built for Indians based on open-source speed data, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science and Bengaluru.

To make the internet a more comprehensive experience, Google plans to build a unified model capable of handling more than 100 languages.

Improving visual search

With multiple searches, users allow searching simultaneously with images and text to make visual search more natural. It will be available in India and soon be available in Hindi, and also in other languages next year.

Improved fraud detection in Google Pay

To detect fraudulent behaviour, Google pay will use deep learning-based advanced algorithms, informing users in their native languages, and may even vibrate to catch their attention. Also, it is making users to access transaction history. Users can ask for the previous transaction in their native language. 

Improved speed recognition for ‘Hinglish’ speakers

Google has developed a speech recognition model that can understand Hinglish, it is a fusion of Hindi and English. It is based on a neural network that understands the context, accents and the person's speaking style.

Integrates DigiLocker within the files app on Android

The national eGovernance Division and Google have collaborated to bring DigiLocker to android’s filed by Google app. Now the authenticated files will be safe in a secured folder.

Courses for YouTube

Creators and viewers on youtube will be able to access a new educational programme from Google. Free or paid courses will be available from a small group of certified creators.

Making doctor's prescriptions understandable 

Now google lens will help users to identify the medicines written in a doctor’s prescription, using AI and machine learning.

Project relate comes to India

Google is bringing an application to help people with non-standard speech patterns. In the upcoming months, the pilot will be expanded to Hindi speakers in the country. Google wants to expand access to its conversational apps, such as Assistant.

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