Ayush Das

With each passing day, tech companies are adding new features to their top end models and with every single addition it has become increasingly difficult for the consumers to find their match. Here’s a piece which will help you decide between the two talk-of-the-town devices which are also pocket-friendly for people who wish to buy flagship devices.

Giving each other a tough competition, Moto Edge 30 Ultra and OnePlus 10 Pro are both flagship products of this year from Moto and OnePlus respectively.

PHYSICAL DESIGN: Both the devices flaunt curved glass design. While Ultra has corning gorilla glass protection on both front and rear, 10 Pro has victus on front and corning on back. Both the devices have usual power button, volume rocker, sim tray, USB-3.1 and stereo speakers. In addition to this, 10 Pro has the iconic OnePlus alert slider which unfortunately was omitted in its later version-10T. There’s no IP rating on 10 Pro while Ultra has a IP52 rating. But it doesn’t mean you can dip your phone inside water which needs IP 67 or 68 rating.

DISPLAY: Ultra carries a 6.67 Poled display with max refresh rate of 144 Hz. It has a 10 bit display with max brightness of 1250 nits. 10 Pro has a 6.7 inch fluid AMoled display with max 120 Hz refresh rate. Ultra has a better haptic feedback while 10 Pro has a better fingerprint scanner. Sound on ultra is more dynamic and clear while 10 Pro has a louder sound. 

CAMERA: Ultra comes with world's first 200 MP camera. Is it just a number on paper? NO. The photos have detail, true to life colours and sharpness. Nightmode gives good crisp and sharper images than 10 PRO. The photos on Ultra appear well balanced. But the videography was best on 10R. Selfies are evenly matched. Performance wise, ultra is powered by the new snapdragon 8+ gen 1 processor while 10 PRO is powered by its predecessor 8 gen 1.

The Moto Edge 30 Ultra is available on Flipkart for 53k while OnePlus 10 Pro is on Amazon for 62k. Ultra is 8 months younger and for less money you’re getting a better processor and deal!

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