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Fitness Band
Buying a Smart Band? Here is what you can get at a pocket friendly price

Here we bring you best budgeted Smart Bands that can help to keep track of your daily activities to remain fit as a fiddle.

  • Wednesday, 16 November 2022
  • Health
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Noise or boAt airdopes: Which one to buy, check here

Several big players like Samsung, Sony, MI, BoAt, Noise and others have made a revolution by transforming wired earphones segments to a truly wireless airdopes that never fail to deliver crisp music and better experience.

Strained eyes
Take care of your strained eyes, after long computer hours

In today's digital era it's almost impossible to avoid digital exposure. Work demands us to sit in front of a computer or laptop for hours. Working long hours on digital devices, such as computers, tends to stare at digital screens throughout the day and blink less, leading to dry eyes and discomfort. If you have to work long hours at the computer, you can reduce eye strain by following these eye care tips.

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Planning to buy a smart TV: Calculate how to find perfect size for your home

Most of us often eventually end up with buying a large screen only to later realise that bigger is not better always. So, we are bringing you a guide to choose perfect TV size for your home and hopefully it will help you to find a perfect one.

Check out these android smartphones under 30K which have super cool cameras

Smartphones priced between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 have long been among the best value offers, and while they aren't exactly the flagships of their brands, they nevertheless deliver a comparable experience at much cheaper rates.

Cool gadgets under INR 1000 which students can gift from pocket money

Students’ pocket money usually doesn’t allow them to budget for expensive gifts for their friends. But all is not lost.

Here's how to figure out real gadgets from the fake ones

Counterfeit products are really common these days and to prevent yourself from buying them you must know how to distinguish between the real and duplicate in the first place. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being tricked by fake schemes, duplicate gadgets that closely resemble the original one and so-called ‘authentic deals’ while you are in search of the gadget you love.

Simple tips and tricks to take care of your expensive DSLR Camera

Here are some simple and effective tips for maintaining your DSLR Camera. However, some of the advice would also be useful with a standard point-and-shoot camera.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra VS Google Pixel 7 Pro
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Vs Google Pixel 7 Pro: Two best Android Phones in market now

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes out ahead in its display, performance and battery life while Google Pixel 7 Pro provides better value for money as it costs less than S22 Ultra.

Your iPhone can stop playing music after a little while. Here's how you can do it

If you like listening to music before going to bed but don't want your iPhone battery to die, set a timer for it to stop playing. Not just music, it works for all kinds of entertainment.

If you're tight on budget these laptops under 40k are for you

If you are looking for a laptop under INR 40k, then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of things to consider when buying a laptop that is not only budget-friendly but also has the right kind of specs which can help you study or work seamlessly. Scroll down to read more

Smart gadgets that every student must have in their hostel room

Taking up the option of studying away from home and residing in a hostel for higher studies can be an exciting as well as a daunting prospect for most. But it would certainly help if you take along these gadgets mentioned below, to keep with you as companions as they would make life much easier.

5G mobile phones under Rs 15000
Five Affordable 5G Mobile Phones Under Rs 15000 Buyers Must Check Before Grabbing One

With the launch of 5G phones, more and more people will now be looking to upgrade their devices If you don't want to end up with the wrong one, check out these affordable 5G phones under Rs 15000.

Gifting ideas
Five useful gadgets that you can gift to a college student

College students love getting gadgets as gifts for it keeps them updated with the latest tech trends in the market. So, the next time you get an opportunity to buy something for your college going kid, instead of looking for something that is exorbitantly priced and which they don’t want, look for the useful

Mobile phones
Best first time cell phones you can buy under Rs 10000 in India

Here’s a short but smart guide to help you purchase a phone, which is priced under Rs 10,000. These smartphones have great functionality, smart specs and look good too.