Soumya Prakash Pradhan

As technology rapidly advances, many people are concerned about its impact. Popular stars have voiced their worries about AI tools that can mimic their voices and create music.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Cher, the American singer, expressed her fears after hearing her voice used in a cover of a Madonna song.

She was shocked, realising it was not her singing. Cher has dedicated her life to music, and she's concerned that these tools are producing identical songs beyond her control.

She added, "If you have worked your whole life to be an artist, and someone takes it from you, it feels like it should be illegal," as reported by Fox News.

Selena Gomez also recently expressed her concerns when an AI-generated version of one of her songs surfaced.

A social media account used her voice to create a cover of a song by her ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd.

Selena found this ‘scary’ and responded to it on her platforms, where she has a massive following of 430 million Instagram followers and 66.6 million followers on another platform called ‘X’.


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AI expert Marva Bailer emphasised that while people are accustomed to memes and edited images, there's a concern about original creators and the potential for misuse.

Marva Bailer advised the general public to remain vigilant against misuses of technology to protect themselves.