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Apple unveiled Apple Music Sing, a brand-new karaoke feature that will be integrated directly into the Apple music app. In order to make their voices more apparent, users will be able to sing along with the real-time lyrics on Apple music. According to Apple, the karaoke mode will provide users access to more than 50 specific "companion playlists" that include karaoke-ready music and animated words that follow the singing. 

A few other features that make it easier to sing with others have also been disclosed by the firm. Users will be able to follow lines that are sung simultaneously with the main vocals thanks to the service's ability to split ambient sounds from the lead vocals and have them animated independently. If a user wants to sing along with a friend, a duet view will be made accessible in the meanwhile.

According to Apple, there will be over 50 karaoke-ready song playlists available to customers. According to the business, the functionality will also allow animated real-time lyrics that are animated and move in sync with the voice.

According to Oliver Schusser, Apple's vice president of Apple Music and Beats, "Apple Music's lyrics offering is routinely one of the most popular aspects of its service." 

Users will be able to access Apple Music Sing later this month, the firm has said. Every iPad and iPhone that is compatible with it may use it. To test out the feature on Apple TV, according to the firm, users must use the recently announced Apple TV 4K.

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