Cassian Baliarsingh

Football craze has gripped every nook and corner of the world after Lionel Messi created history and finally got his hands on the World Cup trophy. While the players gave their all in the do or die match, fans also stood with their favourite players and cheered them. Indian footballer players were no less in showing their love for their favourites.

A crazy Messi fan dived 100ft under Arabian Sea to install a massive cut out off the football legend. Meanwhile, a woman tea stall owner and diehard Messi fan has gone all out to display her love for the Argentina star.

The tea stall owner has pledged to give free ‘chai’ to all Messi fans and those who supported Argentina.

“Aaj chai free for Argentina. By Kalu di', read a small placard from of the tea stall. The picture shows a smiling woman standing next to the placard. The signboard suggests her to be "Kalu di." The picture was shared on Twitter by a user called Swati Moitra.

The twitter user shared the picture of Kalu di and wrote, “Why would a Bengali tea stall owner declare free tea for Argentina? Because she can. Football is heartbreak and the purest of loves.

The tweet has now gone viral with more than 1947 likes and more than 295 retweets. Many users also heaped praises on her for her love for football.

A user wrote, “All cha-er dokans have been full of Messi/Maradona talk, but Kalu di's kindness knows no bounds...Bapi da (Mbappe) too is a hot topic,” while another wrote, “Kolkata will cease to exist the day Argentina v Brazil takes place in Salt Lake Stadium.”

Meanwhile, Lionel Messi, who had said the tournament in Qatar would be his last World Cup, has now shown a change of heart over his possible retirement from international football.

"I want to play a few more games as a world champion. I was lucky to clinch every title in my career; this was the only one missing. I want to take this one there (to Argentina) and enjoy it with everybody else," said Messi.