Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Cricketer MS Dhoni, fondly called Captain Cool, still rules the hearts of cricket lovers. Apart from being the most successful captain of Indian Cricket history, he is a favourite among all for his cool attitude and humorous nature. Recently, Mahi triggered a hilarious moment at an event after he explained a connection between World Cup and Oreo.

Yes, you got it right. Though Oreo was launched back in 2014, Dhoni launched the product in India for the first time. And during this relaunch event, he was asked by the press about the chances of India winning the ICC Men's T20 World Cup. 

A part of the video has taken the internet by storm in which Dhoni is seen explaining to a scribe the deep connection between India winning the World Cup and Oreo's launch.

As seen in the video, Dhoni calls out the scribe up on the stage and asks him to be comfortable on the chair. 

"In 2011, India won the cup. Also, Oreo launched in India in 2011. So, India won the cup in 2011 and Oreo launched in 2011. India won the cup in 2011 and Oreo launched in 2011. So, Oreo launched in 2011 and India won the cup in 2011. Are you understanding the connection?," said Dhoni.

Further, he continued, "So, this year there is another cup. And if Oreo can launch again..." to which the scribe immediately replied, "India can win the cup again."

Well, the moment was quite entertaining and tickled the funny bones of many present at the spot. With this, Dhoni seems to be quite hopeful that India will clinch the T20 World Cup 2022 and emerge victorious as it has a 'deep connection' with Oreo.

Dhoni, even though has announced his retirement from all formats of international cricket, still continues to exhibit his skills on the field in the Indian Premier Leagues (IPL) under the Chennai Super Kings team. 

He hung up his boots from test format on Dec 30, 2014, and stepped down as captain of ODIs and T20Is in 2017. He announced his retirement from all formats of international crickets on Aug 15, 2020, which was, of course, disheartening for his fandom.